Friday, 20 February 2015


After a short break I'm back with some new stuff. This is a Dragon I've sculpted these last days for the english company Mierce Miniatures. Hope you like him !
80mm round base. Fimo,super sculpey firm and magic sculpt

Después de una pausa estoy de regreso aquí. Este es el más reciente trabajo que he hecho, se trata de un dragón llamado Parawn. Esculpido para la marca inglesa Mierce Miniatures. Espero que les guste !
He puesto un par de fotos que muestran su tamaño y escala. El jinete provisional es de 30mm. El dragón estará montado en una base redonda de 80mm de diámetro.
Modelado con pasta fimo, super sculpey firm y magic mculpt. 

Voilà de retour d'une petite pause. Voici ma dernière pièce. Parawn. Sculpté avec fimo, super sculpey et magic sculpt. Commande de la marque anglaise Mierce Miniatures. 

Comments are always welcome !


  1. I like this winged lizard!
    Very cool dinamic pose! Guess it could be just landin or a sudden wingbeat up and back..and this gives a lot of space for great ideas for a diorama i guess.
    Very harmonious all around. Cant find any criticism, bad or constructive....u just rock! \m/
    Ok, just addin Parawn on my wishlist now...never ever had a dragon, hardly rsisted to Angrislaug.. now i surrender to his lil cousin..

  2. Hi Moondrun,
    Glad you like him, yes the pose is some kind of open for those interpretations, not so easy to do but if you get the feeling it's great. Nice you'll get him. Thanks again. Cheers