Monday, 15 December 2014


The fifth and last one of this Corpse takers unity. Oddr. 
Sculpted for Mierce Miniatures with fimo, super sculpey firm and magic sculpt putties. 60mm round base.

El quinto y último miembro de esta unidad de Corpse takers. Oddr. Modelado con pasta fimo, super sculpey firm y magic sculpt. La base tiene 60mm de diámetro.

Voici le dernier membre de cette unité de corpse Takers. Sculpté avec fimo, super sculpey firm et magic sculpt. Socle 60mm de diamètre. 


  1. And with Oddr, i must say super, here another stunning unit for MM Roberto!
    This sculptor rocks eh? Yay yay

  2. Hey Moondrun ! Thanks a lot, you're always present, that's cool ! I'm back after some vacations, working time again ! yeah ;)

  3. Magnificient sculpt!
    How tall are they? Could they be used to be daemon princes?

  4. Hello babyberg. Yes, that's possible in my opinion. They are 60mm high to the eye line.