Monday, 5 November 2018

Avatar of Cthulhu more pics

Avatar of Cthulhu. Hello. I'm finally aloud to show you some images of this piece I've sculpted for Reclusive Phoenix. He is the biggest work I have done for this little world of miniatures so far. He stands 380mm high to the top of the wings, 250mm to the eyes line. Some of you might know that I also sculpt big format things like scale 1/1 from real life but not for this kind of characters we are used to see in the model industry. I've sculpted it based on a sketch by Danny Cruz. I translated his vision to mine in 3D. These are photos of the master sculpt, one of them with a mini that is 32mm scale so you can get a more clear idea of his size :) Hand sculpted with Super Sculpey Firm. There's a Kickstarter programmed for the next days to come so if you are interested you can buy a copy, I will give you all the info ASAP. I'll upload some more images soon as well. I hope you like it! 

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