Thursday, 21 January 2010

Busto Revolucionario Mexicano

This is not the last one but I'l like to show it here. Made for Pegaso Models. 1/9 Magic Sculpt (thanks to Andrea Jula for his advices)


  1. Saw one of the copys lately from a friend who is painting it. Great sculpt! Really, really adorable ... Keep it up!

  2. Thanks Roman, I would like to see his version!

  3. A lovely bit of sculpture there, Roberto! I know that boxart helps sell a figure, but I think that an unpainted kit or master gives a better idea of the sculpt and also fires my imagination as a painter much more. I liked the bust you made when I first saw the boxart, but I like it even more seeing it upainted. The folds on the cloth are really nice. Congratulations!

    Matt Springer

  4. Hello Matt! I agree with you, I think that this is like put the work "nude" and people can dresse it in their very personal way! Another think is that you show the real piece without "maquillage" :) ;) Best regards